Short stories


I dug my teeth into its flesh. Juice flooded my mouth. Sweet, sour. It dripped from the corners of my lips onto the white sheet. A red stain on the cloth. Strawberry!

I opened my eyes, longingly. You pulled me next to you. Greedily sucking my breath. “What d’you think? Let’s take a walk!” “Let’s get some strawberries!” I replied, and my lip twitched with desire. You laughed. Gave a push to the wooden shutters and glowed into the light. Sunshine stilled the room. Burnt my eyes, tingled my naked back. I pressed my head on the pillow. “With whipped cream. Well now, there and there”. You tickled me, gently biting my buttocks. “Yes, lots of cream … but … what day is it?” I sat on the bed. Saturday, Sunday, Monday? You shrugged, indifferently. Strode over discarded clothes on the floor, turned-on the cellphone you had left in the living room. “Its Sunday”, I heard you shouting from the next room. “It’s almost noon.” You hastily turned-off the cellphone again. “I’ll have you only for myself,” you had said, while pulling the main phone out of the wall socket.

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