Behind the Clouds (2006-2007)


Directed by: George Dimitropoulos
Written by: Olga Bacopoulou
Starring: Takis Vogopoulos, Georgia Theodorakopoulou, Katerina Nikolaou, Imelda Makris, Yannis Theodoridis

A young man, in psychological shock, wanders aimlessly through the streets of Athens. He is persecuted by guilt and a mysterious female presence. When he returns home, the memory of the murder he had to commit will lead to another tragic decision. But will this be the end or just a new beginning?

Drama Film Festival, Film Festival of Patras, Vangelis Kotronis Fantasy Film Festival.

Film Festival of Patras: First Award for supporting actor Takis Vogopoulos and Fantasy Festival Audience Award.

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Behind the Clouds – Making of:

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